MFG Fundraising Programme

Apply for the MFG Fundraising Programmme 2024 Edition

📅 A Free Hybrid Programme for founders that want to preserve cash while investing in brand building and amplifying reach. It requires 2 hours twice a week over 4 weeks (May 14th - June 6th).

👥 For Late-Seed to Series A, UK, and European startups post-revenue, aiming to scale in the UK and raise investment within 6-9 months.

🎯 To give you the tools, knowledge, and investor connections for an effective first media capital round, leveraging a diverse media stack for business growth.

🤝 MFG Fund members and founders, selected venture capitalists, and finance institutions will join the end of programme networking event in June in London to explore new avenues for support and collaboration.

Programme Benefits: 

▶️ 11 specialised sessions providing a solid foundation in the UK and European mass media landscape and strategies, plus media capital fundraising workshops that cover investor expectations, due diligence preparation, and term sheet negotiations.

▶️ 6 Office Hours with media fund managers, guiding you in selecting the right media partner.

▶️  Exclusive invite to Consumer VCs and Founders events, like the VC Reversed Pitch on May 22nd, showcasing leading consumer funds.

▶️ Presenting your brand at the MFG Event in June, connecting directly with over 100 media investors and founders.

▶️ Free participation, allowing 2 seats per company

MFG 2023 alumni brands operating across the AI, Travel, Health & Fitness, Sustainability, Food and Beverage, Mobility, and Professional Services have secured up to £17 million in media capital commitments from UK and European broadcasters.

Applications close on Sunday, April 14th 23:59 GMT.


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This programme aims to educate founders about raising media capital from investors. We, however, do not guarantee any outcome or result. Furthermore, in no way do we guarantee that any participating company in the MFG Fundraising Programme will be able to secure any investors such as but not limited to, a lead or co-lead investor, general investors or angel investors for its fundraising round.